Together Again

When I left Diass, Senegal last May, I never imagined that I would see Moustapha again so soon. However, in an amazing turn of events, we were reunited in Milwaukee this past weekend! Sue Bolly, part of our trio in Diass and all-around amazing teacher, won an educator award that came with a stipend. She chose to create a Global Scholars Program at her school and brought Moustapha over to spend two weeks with her students. I flew up for the weekend and in 48 short hours got to experience the city and visit two schools. Over lunch one day we planned some collaborations between our students. While we are going to continue to use Flipgrid to get our students talking to one another, we also brainstormed some new ideas and have some exciting things in the works. Stay tuned for future blog posts about that! It was so fun to catch up with Moustapha and to meet Sue’s family. Here were some of the highlights from the trip.