Why Start a Blog?

Why Start a Blog?

I never imagined that I would be a blogger. For years I have read blogs, benefited from their insight and wisdom and laughed at their humor, but never thought that I would have my own. While I do not enjoy self-promotion and generally spend more time in the social media world reading what others post rather than posting myself, I am about to dive right into this thing called blogging. Here is what led me to start a blog.

Teachers for Global Classrooms

The stars began to align in the summer of 2017 when I was accepted into the Teachers for Global Classrooms fellowship program. This year-long journey has included a rigorous online course, attending the Global Education Symposium in Washington, D.C., an international field experience (I will be traveling to Senegal in April…but more on that topic later!), and the creation of a global education guide as a capstone project. Part of that work includes documenting our journey and travels on a blog and sharing information about global education with teachers and students.

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Blogging for Professional Development

In the fall when I was about to begin the creation of my website (but in truth was not that excited about the blogging part), I came across this post by The Effortful Educator. He teaches AP Psychology like myself and I often enjoy reading about the application of psychology concepts in the classroom on his blog.  This post resonated with me because he makes the case that blogging has been the most amazing professional development he’s ever experienced. I seek out professional development opportunities whenever I can (some are great and some not so great) and apparently one of the best professional development experiences is literally at my fingertips.

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Sharing with Teachers

I love trying new things in the classroom and then sharing what works and what does not with my colleagues. I am energized through collaboration, sharing resources, and having discussions about all things related to education. Through a blog, I can do this on a much grander scale.

So I am going to get over any apprehensions that I might have and start a blog.  While I am on this journey I hope to help teachers improve their craft, encourage students to connect to the world around them on a deeper level, and inspire others to travel and learn about places they have never been. I would love for you to follow along!